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Your character is carrying something valuable that does not appear that way from the outside looking in.

The object in question must be delivered without breaching the contents & learning of what lies within, otherwise the deal is off.

A mode of transport is headed to your extraction point, though you know not exactly when it will arrive and must stay put so as to not miss the opportunity.

Yet the location is so immensely uninteresting that you feel without a sufficient  distraction, you will succumb to temptation and open the object.


Within a Storm of Silence is a GMless, solo-play tabletop RPG that involves stacking dice in order to simulate the experience of intense internal conflict. Specifically in how difficult it can be to keep one's mind pre-occupied or prevent yourself from giving in to a tempting, yet costly curiosity.

All you need to play is a hefty handful of dice and a means to record small amounts of information, such as a notes app on your phone or a pen & paper. There is no character creation, the difficulty of the game is primarily decided by you and the number/type of dice you decide to make use of, and it should be playable in the same amount of time (or less) that it might take you to play a game of Solitaire.

Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed & encouraged! Any experience you have playing the game or custom rules you may have added, please feel free to add below as well. :D


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